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jerry carol

Jerry & Carole at Cook Creek Camp on the 1978 National Geographic Society Hells Canyon trip featured in America’s Majestic Canyons (1979).

Jerry & Carole


Jerry Hughes is a native Idahoan who made his first rafting trip in 1963. He has worked asa licensed guide since 1967. Jerry played football for the University of Idaho Vandals and also earned a Bachelor Degree in Business and a Juris Doctorate in Law from the University of Idaho. Past member of the Idaho State Bar.

Carole Finley was raised in northern Idaho. Carole is an experienced river guide. Jerry and Carole worked together on river crews beginning in 1973 before launching Hughes River Expeditions in 1976. Carole holds degrees in History and Economics from the University of Idaho. Master heavy duty seamstress fabricating gear in the company’s Lolo boat shop.

Colin & Brown Trout

Colin Hughes


Grew up on the rivers.  Started “officially” working with HRE at age 14, and through the years has taken on more responsibilities.  Colin is Vice President, Designated Agent and Operations Manager of HRE. A proud University of Idaho graduate in Conservation Social Sciences with an emphasis on Recreation, Resources and Tourism & Public Land Management.

Hobbies include snowboarding, upland bird hunting, and fly fishing.  Colin Lives in Lolo, MT with his wife, Megan, and son Woodrow.

IMG 3555

Megan Hughes


As the HRE Office Manager she Manages payroll, books, and more. Lewis & Clark State College and Montana State University – Billings graduate in Dental Hygiene and Health Care Administration.  She gives back to the guiding community by volunteering on the board of directors of The Redside Foundation, a nonprofit supporting the health and strength of the guiding communities in Idaho and Montana. Loves the river. Colin and Megan have a home in Lolo, MT, 5 minutes from the HRE warehouse.

TOny Guide Pic

Tony Herold


Broken hand in the batter’s box ended what should have been college baseball opportunity, turned him to river guiding. Bachelors Degree in Outdoor Recreation from University Idaho. Top notch fishing guide, gear boatman, plus rowing & paddling. “Glue guy” during the summer Middle Fork season.  Tony lives in Stanley, ID.  He is an EMT, Volunteer Fireman, and works in the local construction industry. Tony is world-class on a snowmobile.

Moose guide pic

Chuck "Moose" McDonell


Veteran guide on all Idaho rivers in addition to Montana’s Flathead, and Eastern Oregon streams. Owners of C&T Car Sales, Moscow, ID. Has worked on the Hughes Crew since mid-80’s.

john campbell

John Campbell


John like his father is a tenured guide in the State of Idaho and works in the off seaosn as a home appraiser and a Jr. High Wreslting Coach as well as a School Para-educater.  John, a Wenatchee, WA native came to work for HRE in 2013 while he was attending the University of Idaho and is a pro on the river!  He is an eclectic guy that you will love.  His honesty and transparency is always refreshing.

Adam Hahn

Adam Hahn


Grew up fly fishing in SE Idaho on the upper Snake and Henrys Fork. Developed a love for the river at a young age. Graduated University of Idaho, Recreation 2018. Expert fly fishing guide, and on all HRE river craft. Frequent gear boatman. Grew up ski racing. Loves to play guitar.

Bucky GD Hat

Jason “Bucky” Farr


Grew up in the Deep Southern Idaho some now call Utah. Great skill set including boating, welding, construction and more. Phenomenal guitar player with the voice of an angel. Avid snowboarder. Versatile member of the Hughes Crew. Loves river time!

Nate Hutch

Nate "Mad Dawg" Hutchison


Grew up in Kamiah, ID. Phenomenal baker/cook. Started his guiding career on the Lochsa. Veteran guide on the Middle Fork and Salmon River Canyons. Versatile member of the Hughes Crew.


Noah Carr


Grew up in Boise, ID. Grew up rafting all over the state of Idaho. A veteran whitewater ace, Noah began running Class IV+ whitewater with his family in his teenage years. Loves a good IPA. Ace on the water and in the warehouse.

Natty & Family

Natty Role


Natty is a long tenured river guide on nearly all the stretches in the State of Idaho that are licensable.  He is a Whitworth University graduate who now works in the business of ecological consulting.  Natty enjoys running the paddle boat as much as he does the fishing boat and is a very versatile piece of the Hughes Crew.  He lives in the North Idaho Panhandle with his wife and daughter.

max lewis 1

Max Lewis


Max has deep Idaho roots going back to some of the first folks running boats on the Salmon River.  His great grandfather was a boatman on the Salmon and worked as an outfitter and as an employee of the managing agencies of the Salmon-Challis National Forest.  He is a kind sould and has boated his whole life and you will no doubt love being on the river with him!

carson 1 ski

Carson Addison 


Carson grew up in Nevada before coming to Idaho for college.  He has guided exclusively on the Salmon River and loves his time on the Middle Fork and the Main Salmon.  He is back in school now and working toward a career in the medical field.  He is a kind and soft spoken guy that you will love spending time ont he river with!

Ashley in Water copy

Ashley Hughes


General Studies and Master’s Degrees from University of Idaho. Attended Culinary School, Seattle Art Institute. Won National Outdoor Recreation Award for FFA. Rowed Crew for Washington State University. Grew up on the rivers. Runs the best river kitchen in the business. Ashley is a Mental Health Counselor in McCall, ID. She also creates incredible self-care products (bath bombs, lotion bars, shower steamers and more) with her business Bertie Beauty (named after her beloved aunt Bertie). You can find her products on instagram @bertiebeauty. During summer, she splits time between HRE, Bertie Beauty and her counselor duties. Culinary resource for dietary requests.


PJ Markow


The consummate whitewater enthusiast PJ enjoys a life of travel working on some of the most famous rivers in the world. PJ has worked professionally on rivers in both hemispheres and has spent time on the likes of the Futelefu, Colorado, Selway, Salmon and Lochsa Rivers.

marcus profile

Marcus Hawkinson 


Marcus has been a lifelong boating enthusiast that began his guiding career on the Salmon River.  He grew up in the Capital City of Boise, ID and loves every second he gets to spend in the amazing Frank Church Wilderness!

Edson guide profile

Andrew Edson


Grew up in Boise, ID. Grew up rafting all over the state of Idaho. A veteran whitewater ace, Noah began running Class IV+ whitewater with his family in his teenage years. Loves a good IPA. Ace on the water and in the warehouse.

dagny 1

Dagny Duetchman


Dagny Deutchman has been boating in the Frank Church Wilderness over a decade. Since the age of fifteen Dagny has spent every summer of her life out on the water. There is no other place she would rather be. Although Dagny has mainly guided on the Main Salmon river and the Middle Fork of the Salmon river, she has also boated in Montana, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. In the off season you can find Dagny pursing a PhD in Sleep and Mindfulness. She loves a good story, handwritten snail mail and cooking for friends and family on the weekends and dancing the night away. She looks forward to taking you and your loved ones on a magical Idaho river trip.

Lino Guide pic

Marcelino Arenz


Lino grew up in southern Idaho and is a stout hardshell kayaker.  He provides safety kayking for us on occasion when he isnt running a boat.  Lino has been a guide for a lot of years and has guided all over the state. He works at Lost Trail Ski Area in the winters and on the Idaho Rivers in the Summers.  Another proud Vandal Alumni.

Kennedy Shiner

Kennedy Shiner


Kennedy has worked on the Salmon River for multiple seasons with various outfits and we are lucky to have her on more of our trips.  She attends college in the great white north at The University of Victoria.

Shane Moser

Shane Moser


Shane has guided just about every stretch of river imaginable in in the amazing State of Idaho which boasts more whitewater river miles than any other state.  He is a true guide, works for many outfits and puts together one heck of a season on many various rivers throughout each spring, summer, falls seasons.  You will find in on the desert rivers in the spring, the Selway & Salmon Rivers in the summer and steelhead fishing rivers in the coastal states in the falls.  You will love having Shane's expertise on the trips!

ccboylephotos 374 copy

Mira Warner


An Idaho native who spent her summers as a kid playing on the Clearwater river.  Mira’s love and appreciation for water has only grown over the years. Mira loves learning new things and excels in the kitchen.  She enjoys working on a team and HRE has become a secondary family to her.

Steve Wassso

Steve Wassmuth


Retired educator who has guided every summer for many years. Grangeville, Idaho native, and veteran guide on Idaho rivers. Steve is welcome when he can fit trips into his summer plans.

martin moore

Martin Moore


Colorado State University alumni. Currently, Contracts Manager for Scientech, an engineering consulting business. Idaho resident since 1988. River guide since 1979. Started with Hatch River Expeditions guiding on the Green, Yampa, Colorado and Middle Fork of the Salmon Rivers. Guiding with Hughes River Expeditions for 30+ years.


Matt Yost


Yost has been guiding in idaho for 30 plus years and loves his time on the trips, with fellow guides and meeting folks from all over the world.  He has worked in many trades including timber sales and is a proud founding member of the Redside Foundation.  Matt is another proud Vandal Alumni on the Hughes Crew.  He lives in McCall, ID with his family.

Guest Experiences

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Main Salmon (8/11-16) trip.  As usual the guides were amazing, the group was very fun (great kids!) and a good time was had…. Til next time – carry on and be well.
Powell, Ketchum, ID (2021)

“The Hughes Cavalry”


– Alumni who we call on to save the day.


Bob “Buzz” Brunzell


BS Physical Education and Masters in Sports Science. Coached an 8 man football State Championship team at Cambridge High in 1982. Also coached successful 5A Girls Basketball program at Eagle High. Bob was an Assistant Coach at the 2015 McDonalds All American Girl’s Basketball Game. On the Hughes Crew since 1978.


Joey Filmanowicz


Working with HRE since 2017. Bachelor Degree from University of Colorado, Environmental Science. Enjoys creating pottery and tie die, rock climbing, fly fishing, rafting, hiking and other outdoor activities. Guide on all sections of the Salmon. Joey is an amazing resource for exciting new recipes and custom menus to accommodate dietary needs/requests.

mike wassso

Mike Wassmuth


Grangeville, Idaho native who has guided for over 30 years. Great to have Mike on the Crew. He is welcome when he can fit in trips each summer.

tabor elk

Mark Tabor


Living in Cambridge, ID. Retired after managing the Selway Lodge for over a decade. Always welcome on the Hughes Crew. Veteran boatman on all sections of the Salmon river.


Mike Woodman


Retired teacher, basketball & football coach in the states of Idaho & Montana.   Mike has worked with HRE for over 25 years.  He is an avid hiker, fisherman, and outdoorsman in general.  He is a graduate of Great Falls College Montana State University.  His basketball number is retired and hanging in the Great Falls Gym.  Mike has coached State Championship basketball teams – both boys and girls – in Montana and Idaho.

brich chaffin

Brian Chaffin


Brian has guided in the Idaho Wilderness Areas for 20+ years and has worked on a huge variety of rivers far beyond the amazing confines of the squigly State of Idaho border.  A rugby player at the University of Idaho as well as a brief stint as the U of I mascot Joe Vandal.  He is a professor within the College of Forestry at the University of Montana, founding member of the Redside Foundation and the owner of an Outfitting Operation in Northern Alaska.  We love when we are able to wade through a very busy schedule and get brian on an HRE trip!

Rachel & Jo

Racheal Herskowitz


Middle Fork Salmon ace. She has guided on MFS for many years. You will enjoy her company on the river. Rachel works as a Traveling Nurse when she isn’t in the Frank Church Wilderness. We feel lucky to have her on trips when her nursing schedule allows.

jacob smith

Jacob Smith


Experienced guide. Jacob has worked on the Salmon River for over a decade and grew up right on the shores of the headwaters in Stanley, ID.  Jacob lives in Boise, ID and is a Boise State University Grad.  We forgive him for that and love having him on the crew!


Mark Macedo


Worked with HRE from age 15 to present. Experienced guide on all three sections of the Salmon. Graduate of University Idaho, Conservation Sciences with an emphasis on Hydrology. Mark finds time to fit in trips around his career as an electrician.


Ryan McNamara


University of Montana, Bachelor Degree in Ecological Management and Restoration. Guide on all sections of the Salmon. Avid skier & outdoorsman. Regular off-season repair and maintenance expert in the HRE shop.

Totten sailboat

Jon Totten


You will enjoy Jon. Jon has fun, works hard, and loves backcountry and rivers. Worked at North Idaho College teaching Outdoor Recreation. Guided with HRE for several summers, while he split time with an ownership role on a Caribbean Sailing business. Jon recently started his own business, Dogsmile Adventures, a nonprofit in northern Idaho that focuses on therapeutic sailing. We are so excited for Jon’s new adventure and hope he can pitch in on a trip or two annually.

Hunt Osprey copy

Hunt Paddison


Experienced boatman on Selway and Salmon Rivers.  Excellent, enthusiastic fly fishing guide. Another University of Idaho alumni to add to the HRE roster.  We are excited to have Hunt on the HRE crew for the Selway.


Chris Guarino


Chris has landed the high tech job of his dreams.  He is a graduate of the University of Idaho.  Chris is a fabulous basketball player and enjoys rafting, hiking and traveling internationally.  We hope to have him work the occasional trip when it works out for him. Chris is a proud University of Idaho Alumni.

dave weston1

David Weston


Dave is CPA in the Portland, OR Metro but still finds time here and there to sneak away to guide trips.  We love when it works out and his endlessly chipper attitude adds a lot of fun to any trip he is able to join on!  Dave is Chris G's partner in crime in Basketball and the two have been teamates on multiple winning 3 on 3 tournements over the years.  Another proud University of Idaho Alumni.

Ben Dem

Ben Demarest


Ben is a handy man and remodel/rennovation contractor in McCall and Boise, ID.  He has worked throughout the Northwest in the construction trade through the past decade but he is back in our neck of the woods and we are excited to have him come back and work a couple trips when it works.


Bob Madrazo


Retired teacher/ special education director/ alternative schools principal. Bob, throughout his career, worked closely with emotionally disturbed and “at risk” students. Holds numerous educational degrees and credentials. Played college football. Split time between sailing and his home on the banks of the Rogue River in Oregon. 35+ years guiding with Hughes River Expeditions. Ace fishing guide.


Doug Rigby


Grew up in Challis, ID. BA in Philosophy at Boise State University. Veteran guide on all Idaho rivers since 1986. Married and living in Boise with wife Mary, a family physician and graduate of Cambridge High School.  Plumbing contractor.  Doug is always welcome when he is available.


Bob Sevy


Veteran Idaho river guide/outfitter, and lifetime friend. River historian and fantastic fly fishing guide.


Ryan Honsinger


Mechanical Enginnering U. Idaho. Hughes Crew MacGyver for 8 years, we all wondered if anything would work after he left. Using his degree in SLC. We miss you Ryan, come back for a trip here and there.

Ryan Dhiel

Ryan Diehl


Bachelor Degree in Outdoor Recreation from University of Idaho. Played football for Idaho Vandals.  Masters Degree in Outdoor Recreation from Utah State University. Director of the Outdoor Recreation Program, Montana State University, Bozeman.  Ryan and Rebecca and their children live in Waitsfield, VT, where they own and operate Wilder Farm Inn.

Hughes Crew Remembrance

Traves Olson

Traves Olson


Offensive lineman for Idaho State Bengals. Finance Degree, Idaho State University, and MBA, Boise State. 18 years on Hughes Crew. Married to Julie Robertson, and Dad to wonderful twin daughters – Brooke and Sarah. Worked winters in Chile as a fly fishing guide for 5 years. Travis was a terrific river guide, and a much loved friend of the Hughes Family.  He passed due to brain cancer.  Traves will always be part of the Hughes Crew Hughes Family and fondly remembered by countless river guests and friends.  We miss the “Big Guy”.

John Cole 2

John “JC” Cole


World Traveler and received a BS from U. Vermont. High school biology, chemistry, ecology, and geology teacher for 27 years. Coached high school football, girls basketball, swimming & track. Developed Sun Valley Community School outdoor program, and was academic director for Sun Valley Ski Education Association. Idaho river guide for 40+ years. Died at his mountain home outside Council, ID. Amazing and well lived outdoor life.

Seda boating

Seda Whitten


Seda was an amazing talent that came to Idaho via Turkey where she rowed crew on the national team.  We were very fortunate to work with Seda for nearly 3 decades on and off while she was working for various other river companies in Idaho.  She was a verstile guide who had experience all over the world and especially was fond of her years in the Nepal and Tibet.  She worked on the amazing Salmon River right up to her final summer and was an amazing fly fishing guide, sweep boatwoman and better person.  We will always love that we got our time with her in the amazing places she held so dear in Central Idaho.

Tom Tremain

Tom Tremain


Tom was a guide from 1981 right up until his final summer.  He was an amazing oarsman, fantastic guide and wonderful friend to all in the guide community.  We were lucky to have him on many HRE river trips over the years and will always look back fondly on the times we got with him.  A Nebraska native, tom came to Idaho and began guiding in 1981.  In a successful effort to continue guiding the rest of his life he worked as a nurse in the offseasons and made a home in the mountian community of Salmon, ID.  Many in the Idaho River community and far beyond will remeber Tom for his passion.

We’re here to answer any and all of your questions!

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