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Current Covid-19 Measures for the 2022 River Season

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Current Covid-19 Measures for the 2022 Season

We are committed to offering first-class trips on some of the best rivers in the west.  We intend to operate in the most honest, open and healthy way possible for our guides and clients alike. Here’s what you can expect on our trips this year:

  • All plans will closely follow the Idaho Governor’s Reopening Guidelines, and our actions will be fluid as we continue to monitor the reopening measures. If we anticipate any important changes or must modify a trip for any reason, our office staff will update all guests.


  • Face Masks or Buffs: Things are fluid and we will continue to update everyone on what this will look like in 2022.  Our hope is that with increased vaccinations we will not need to require the use of masks.  


  • Vaccines: All HRE Staff will be REQUIRED to be vaccinated to participate in a trip in 2022.  HRE is also asking all clientele to use precautions prior to your trip to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the all participants on the trip. Things you can do to increase your safety from COVID-19; get vaccinated, self-test at home prior to your trip and monitor signs and symptoms prior to arriving for your trip.


  • Personal Responsibility: An important takeaway in managing COVID-19 was the effort by everyone to be personally responsible for safely traveling to and from Idaho & Montana, and monitoring oneself during a trip. We ask that if you have been exposed or feel any COVID-19 symptoms, before, during, or after your trip, please let our staff know. Having transparent communication is something that’s necessary for the health of our communities, guides, and guests.
    • Please Self-Screen before traveling to the trip.  If you have been or are suffering any of the following symptoms, please check with a doctor before your trip.
      • Fever
      • Unusual fatigue
      • Cough
      • Sniffles
      • Shortness of breath
      • Headaches
      • Body aches
      • Loss of sense of smell and/or taste


  • Sanitation: HRE takes great pride in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in wilderness and backcountry environments. Multiple no-touch hand washes and sanitation stations will be dispersed among our camps and at places of interest on the river.


  • Respect: HRE is a family.  The crew, the management and the clientele make up a very special community that we respect and value immensely.  With the steps being made to get back to “normal life” there are multiple factors that everyone has to take into account and respecting each other’s personal situations, lifestyle and space will be vital moving forward through this process.

The procedures are based on common-sense efforts to mitigate the risk or spread of COVID-19 on a trip. By working together we can manage this new risk to the best of our abilities. We appreciate the support of new and returning guests alike, guides, staff, and everyone else who supports HRE who have continued to show understanding as we navigate the changes in our industry and society. We look forward to having you join the Hughes Crew this summer! 

Let us know if you have questions.

~ We look forward to seeing you on the river! ~

Our Very Best, 

Trip Insurance

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance to protect your investment in a river vacation. There are many excellent Travel Insurance Companies.  We recommend TravelEx.  800-228-9792.

Cancellation Policy

Should you have to cancel your trip, deposits and final payments are non-refundable, unless your reservations can be replaced.  If we replace your canceled space(s) a $250/person cancellation fee is charged.  Alternate guests you provide are welcome with no cancellation fee.

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