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The River Profiles – A Dedication Series: The Salmon River Canyons

The River Profiles – A Dedication Series


“The Hidden Gem of the Northwest”

Beautiful view looking downstream from Confluence Camp
“The Hidden Gem of the Northwest”
– The Salmon River Canyons –

Join the Hughes Crew on Idaho’s Salmon River Canyons.  Green, Cougar, Snow Hole, and Blue Canyons are hidden Gems of the West.   The “River of No Return” provides exhilarating Class II-IV whitewater including Demon’s Drop, Pine Bar, Bodacious Bounce, Half & Half, Snow Hole, China, Wapshilla, Zig Zag, Slide, Sluice Box, Checkerboard, Eye of the Needle, and more.  Enjoy self-bailing oar rafts, paddle rafts, and inflatable kayaks.  The Salmon Canyons are a perfect multi-generational family vacation.

These river miles of the Salmon have also been called “the California Coast of Idaho”, or “Baja Idaho” in reference to the area’s vast, football field sized sandbars.  The exotic white sand beaches provide some of the most impressive river camps in the West.  Superb locations for volleyball, frisbee, washers, horseshoes, sand castles, and plain old romping around.

Whitewater, harsh basalt/rhyolite canyonlands, Native American cultural sites, Chinese Miner sites, exotic sandbar camps, temperate water for swimming, fishing for smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, and white sturgeon, and jumping rocks make this a “bucket list” river trip.  Don’t miss the Salmon River Canyons.

Kayaking through the Class III-IV rapid “Eye of the Needle”
There is Water in Those Hills!
The Central Idaho snow-pack is in the 100-120 percentile!  With water in the mountains we are sure to have a fantastic summer on the Salmon River Canyons!
Jerry Hughes entering the class IV rapid “The Slide” on high water with a paddle crew
DATES:       AVAILIBITLY:                           LENGTH:
July 9-13                         15+                                 5 DAYS
July 16-20                                         15+                                 5 DAYS
July 23-27                                             15+                               5 DAYS
July 30-August 3         15+                                 5 DAYS
August 6-10                                    FULL                                5 DAYS
 August 13-17 15+                                  5 DAYS
August 20-24* 9                                   5 DAYS
August 27-31 15+                                   5 DAYS
September 3-7 15+                                   5 DAYS
September 10-14 10+                                      5 DAYS
September 17-21 15+                                     5 DAYS

August 20-24* features the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse on the second day.

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Beautiful panoramic view of the Snow Hole Canyon from Half & Half Camp
  • $1785/ADULT
  • $1620/YOUTH
  • $550/PERSON
A full charter group getting ready to push off “Geneva Beach Camp” for the last day of the trip.

This trip is our family favorite!  If you have 12 or more friends and family members who would like an all-inclusive, exclusive trip give us a call.  We are willing to do charter trips for groups of 12-23 people.   We still have some dates that we can arrange charters on.  These dates span July, August, & September.

  • Give us a call at 800-262-1882 for more information!
  • Call soon as dates are going fast!

Book online to take advantage of our Salmon River Canyons Charter Special!

  • If you book online in the next 30 Days with 15 or more people using the promo code: CHARTER5 you will get 5% off on a charter trip.
Great Lighting on a peak in Snowhole Canyon from Half & Half Camp

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We look forward to seeing you on the river!

Our Very Best,

The Hughes Crew

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