Hughes River Expeditions


Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Thank both you and your crew for the Great Trip we just experienced on the Middle Fork.

C. & R. Gore, Wilsonville, OR (2021)

Once again had a great trip….  Be safe and we’ll schedule another trip soon.

Gannett, Salt Lake City, UT (2021)

Up in the air with an incredible view,
Then down to the river for an adventure that’s new…
Proud evergreens, polished stones, bald eagle sightings;
Emerald moving water with rapids so exciting!
We’re so happy to be part of this adventure!  It’s true
that it’s because of the work of the great guides and you!

M. Penton, Leviadia, CA (2021)

Thanks for an incredible trip your staff was amazing.

Kaelson, Dallas, TX (2021)

What a fantastic trip!  Hughes river guides killed it for us all!  Thanks for a ton of fun!

DeZarn, Eugene, OR (2021)

The August 25-29 Middle Fork of the Salmon Trip – it was SO GOOD!  Your guides are first-rate in all regards.

Watts, Boise, ID (2021)

We just got back from our Middle Fork trip with Hughes….  It simply could not have been better.

Beckley, Eugene, OR (2021)

It was an awesome trip.  All the guests and especially the guides were the best.  … We had a thrilling flight to the put in and an even more exciting bus trip home … taking in the sites and seeing wild animals and birds.  …I believe we all hit the Jerry Hughes lottery and were chosen to be the best float with the best crew and guests of this season.  Rhonda and I thank all of you for making it happen…. May our paths cross again in the future.

Hynes, Corvallis, OR (2021)

The kids adored you.  The adults were in awe of you.  Thanks for making the trip so special.  Big T would have loved that chocolate cake!

J. Olson, Ketchum, ID (2020)

Sure was great to meet everyone.  Zoe and I felt very fortunate to be with such wonderful group of people rafting through paradise.

D. Theophilus, Seattle, WA (2021)

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