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Salmon River Canyons

Thank you for the incredible experience you provided Stoltz on the river.  We were impressed with your impeccable service, capable (and FUN) guides, beautiful meals, and spectacular camps.  We are still reminiscing…..  Stoltz is forever grateful for the amazing trip and hope to do more with Hughes in the coming years!!

Holgate, Boise, ID (2021)

We had the best trip of all time and love the crew, 10 out of 10!

Hemmeter, SF, CA (2021)

I have an annual rafting trip with an amazing group of women.  This year we met at the Lower Salmon in Lewiston Idaho.  The crew assigned to the Divas was great.  These guys worked HARD at making our trip everything it could be.  Amazing scenery, great fun, yummy food, great guides who are very fun… my face still hurts from laughing.  This trip was just what the Doctor ordered.

J. Best, 2019

What a wonderful time we all had on the Salmon!  All of us are so grateful to have experienced such a special time.

S. Broderick (2016)

As I drove home from Lewiston, I allowed myself to bathe in the memories of our family river float trip….kids enjoy the paddleboat, the kayaks, the hikes, the swims, the football, the leaping off columnar basalt into a most refreshing pool, spotting of wildlife…. the most remarkable of which were a group of Bighorn sheep performing a dance for us on a beach…river games the last night, the wonderful meals…fly fishing….  I wanted to get back to you with my expression of gratitude and recognition of the incredible dedication and hard work exhibited by the crew.

D. Heilman (2019)

We all had a marvelous time, the crew was the best, and it was a joy to be with Carole.  Hope to plan another trip!

K. Deam (2019)

“The team was great and everything went beautifully.  We hope to join you again next year or the year after.  We have a lot of budding boaters and everyone has a ball regardless of age or skills.  Keep it up!”

D. Emmett, Santa Monica, CA (2016)

“Thank you so much for a truly spectacular 5 days on the Salmon River.  We had high expectations, having heard rave reviews from family and friends, and you exceeded them all!  Our trip was a perfect combination of fun, beauty, sunshine, great food, wonderful company, exercise and relaxation.  The highlight, of course, was the superb team of Ashley, Buzz, Hardy, Hugh, Mark, Rob, and Tyler.  Their expertise, sense of humor and uncanny ability to real everyone’s needs perfectly made for an amazing experience.  We look forward to returning next year and will treasure the trip in the meantime!”

A. Davison, New York, NY (2016)

“Boy, we sure had a great time.  Can’t wait to do it again.”

L. Larsen, Tacoma, WA (2016)

“Have been telling everyone we bump into how great the trip was.  You have a first class operation and a grand time was had by all.”

H. Emerson, Sun City, AZ (2016)

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